Monday 25 August 2008

HAYATI - a new dance in progress

Performing in Goethe Haus Jakarta on the 22 and 23 of Aug 2008, HAYATI explored the bodies, movement and gestures.
The body is back, as the main instrument for dancer to translate their expression, HAYATI bring the beauty and mystery of body. Chendra Panatan, the choreographer worked out the possibilities of dancer's bodies to create many images of biodiversity (animals, plants). The rischness of surrounding was transformed into a fascinating choreography.

Collaborated with METAdomus, an ethnic contemporary Indonesian music group and dancers from Maniratari, Solo and Kreativitat Dance Indonesia, Jakarta - Chendra Panatan executed wild imagination of nature. It's all in his new dance in progress - HAYATI
You can watch the clip in and search for HAYATI or Chendra Panatan
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