Monday 23 April 2007

ROSAS – d’un soir un jour

Mysterious,….fogging and covered by the feminine sense of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

The choreography is perfect with the combination of explored movement, lighting, costume and set.

It’s very well done with the music which I believe have been studied, calculated and researched well.
From the beginning until the end, the tension is well developed.

Quality of movement is very unique which have blended into the personality of the 14 dancers.
A smart and intelligent choreographer who have a strong and clear vision which I found it very different with other female choreographer. De Keersmaeker is more into creating in her own and put into one unity as a whole and real choreography.

The dancers are superb.

The technique was amazing.

It is a different world which belong to the uniqueness of female’s skills.

dance umbrella london, sadler’s wells, 16 Oct 2006

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