Monday 14 January 2008

CROSSINGS - in Alicante Festival

Chendra Panatan and company performed "CROSSINGS" for the opening of the 23 Festival de Musica Alicante 2007 at the Teatro Principal. Together with Ananda Sukarlan, Chendra Panatan performed 3 works of Ernesto Halffter: Mekela, Nang-Matcha and Legende Cambodgiene. The second program was a collaboration work with Indonesian composer, Syarial: Rajam and Dendang Sikambang.

The dancers were Bianca S Pulunga, Naree Kim and Chendra Panatan. The musicians were Ananda Sukarlan (pianist), Mercedes Carretero (flute), Dagmar Remtova (violist), Alfredo Anaya and Javier Belichon (percusionist).

Photographies by Xavi M Miro. Thanks for a great shoot!!!.

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